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Kleur (/kløːr/, [klʏːr]) is Dutch for 'colour'.

'Kleur'  characterizes the meaning of photography for me.

'Kleur' is about the phenomenon of colour and its effect.

Colour, 'kleur' is a feature of light. Colours interact. We experience colours through their changing intensity and contrast.

Comparable is how we experience our lives and the world around them: full of slipping contrasts and changes in intensity.

Colour also refers to a capacity of human beings to see, experience and value creation.

Photographing is the art of watching attentively.

When contrast and intensity meet in an unique combination a photo may appear as beautiful. Its 'kleur' affects the eye and touches the soul.

I hope you will discover 'kleur' in my photos.

I will appreciate your reaction and comments.

Rob van der Zwan

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Silhouetten 1

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